Orchestre Nathalie Bernat : La Belle d'Auvergne.

Orchestre Nathalie Bernat : La Belle d'Auvergne.


Nathalie BERNAT

- “Musette”, Folklore from  Auvergne, France -


Having received all the first prizes, Jury´s prize, gold medals from the various traditional music competitions, the “Music Baccalauréat” with honours, and having graduated from a musical training with prime distinction as well as in Literature, Nathalie BERNAT, born in St Flour (Cantal, France), lives today in the heart of the volcanoes of the Auvergne.

All year long, she brings together dance lovers all over France, whether in solo or duet in festivals, or with her dancing Orchestra that counts 4 to 7 musicians.

Regularly invited on numerous radio and television shows; her talent, her smile, her love for the stage and for her region, as well as her authentic music are the cards that led her to success. Not forgetting the legendary Olympia in Paris in which she performed in September 2012.


Discography and Awards:

She regularly records albums with her Orchestra, compilations, accompaniment of artists and DVDs and now counts a total of 20 albums on sale.

In April 2013 she appeared on the cover of the magazine “Accordion and Accordionists”, following her two-month tour in Austria. This monthly magazine is the only one dedicated to the accordion at a national level in France, as well as in Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. The same magazine dedicated its cover once again to Nathalie Bernat in their May of 2016 issue, following her quick ascent in the world of folklore dance.

Nathalie BERNAT plays exclusively Hohner accordions, along with her partner Frédéric Deschamps.


Nathalie BERNAT's orchestra: Elegance and Charisma.

Nathalie BERNAT is today the reference of the Auvergne’s Folklore orchestras and “musette” dancing in France. She has won the hearts of her audience with her Orchestra which gathers only talented musicians.

Her charisma, elegance, professionalism and talent combined with the accompanying of her brilliant musicians are unanimously applauded by the audience and organisers and have brought success to their events.

On stage continuously, she is the one who holds the reins during her musical evenings. Furthermore, she always brings a personal touch to the interpretation of the pieces she plays.

Every year, numerous organisers get in contact with her as they are sure of the success of the musical evenings organised by the orchestra Nathalie BERNAT. The dancers are also unanimous and follow carefully the Orchestra’s schedule. They sometimes travel far to dance with the Nathalie BERNAT Orchestra.


Looking forward to making you dance!

Traduction : Anaïs Tomás Perreau

(contact : an.tomas15@gmail.com)

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